Inspirational wall decals

Everyone of us needs motivation every now and then to push us to achieve their dreams or to lift us up when going through hard times.  Inspirational wall decals are a good way to do this. Some simple words of wisdom in form of your house decoration could be all you need to keep you going on those days you feel like quitting.

These pieces not only give us this inspiration but they at the same time add a sense of elegance and decor in your rooms.  Inspirational wall stickers can be used anywhere in your house and also in your office. You can stick these pieces on areas you visit most for instance on the walls by the stairs, kitchen or anywhere else you feel fit. They can as well be used on mirrors, above your bed or in bathrooms.


Kitchen Curtains

Variations on kitchen curtains are endless. Kitchen curtains can come in a variety of forms and they are one of the simplest ways to make a visual impact in your kitchen. The style and shape your of window together with your budget can help you determine the kind of curtain to go for.

If privacy is your concern, consider fabrics that lets you see out but lets some daylight to pass and blocking viewing from the outside. consider translucent materials.When privacy is not a concern, an easy swag of material draped over the window can as well make a statement on your kitchen windows. Be creative according to the shape and style of your windows.If your windows are large or you are dealing with an odd shape, floor length curtain panels will be suitable and gives you an opportunity for  pattern and color when framing a huge bay window. Kitchen windows curtain treatments can make an incredible impact on your kitchen space. For a more personalized effect, always go for that which expresses your style, color, texture and  lifestyle. However, a bright colored curtains will liven up your kitchen as opposed to a dark colored one.


Maize Combs Kitchen Curtains @ Ksh. 2,500



Curtains are the first thing that is noticeable after entering a room. Curtains are a multi functional item found in homes as they can be used for many purposes both decorative and practical. Gone were the days when these decor items only served as window dressings, for privacy purposes and for controlling glare and light only. No matter what kind of finishing touches you give your room, the decor can never be complete without curtains. Lack of curtains in your room makes it fell empty and lack harmony.

Curtains have different purposes depending on what you want them to do for you as well as the room you are hanging them in. These purposes can range from decorative, privacy, temperature control, light control to sound proofing. Another thing about curtains is that they are a very quick, simple and relatively cheap option for you to change  the look of your room from time to time. Curtains come in different types, with different fixings and different fabrics.

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains give a light finishing touch to your room. Sheer curtains brings out the best finishing touch while used in different colors.

img_20161024_1738081        img_20161024_1736131

img_20161025_0042221         img_20161025_0043311

sheer-3          sheer-4

Butterfly Wall Decals.

Butterflies make a  pretty and soothing theme for any room in your house. Butterfly Wall Decal Kits features intricately outlined butterflies that you can arrange any way you would like. There are different collection of butterfly wall stickers to suit any taste. Butterflies are symbolic of love,beauty and transformation. Give your walls a 3D feel and look with these artistic decals.


img_20161017_1603581             img_20161017_1603041


5D and 6D Wall Stickers

Walls, walls, walls…Am not done with your walls yet. Wall stickers are a very cool, fast, easy and most affordable way to change a boring painted wall in minutes. Its a matter of just peeling and sticking. These stickers do not pull off your paint and can be re-positioned when needed without leaving any mark on the wall. These stickers can be used in any room you may need to change be it your living room or your kid’s bedroom. Wall stickers come in different themes that will fit your style, mood and budget and different characters that your kids fancy like spider man.

5D wall decals

img_20161014_093926                     img_20161014_093956

Wall stickers are very pocket friendly allowing you to change your decor as frequent as you would like. Whether your aim is to bring life to your living room, fill your kid’s room with  popular characters that they fancy like Sofia the first, spider man and others or create a valiant new look in your living room, you can get wall decals that will suit every season,style, space and budget. You can even use these wall decals for party decorations like birthday parties. after the party, the stickers can be re peeled and used on your kid’s rooms. For more wall stickers decorating ideas on these decals, hang around!

6D wall stickers

img_20161012_172240                      img_20161013_120654

img_20161024_222641         img_20161014_093805

img_20161014_093750         img_20161014_093728

img_20161014_093901         img_20161014_093825


The special popular character stickers include:

img_20161014_111139         img_20161014_111114

img_20161014_110956        img_20161014_111050



Vinyl Mural Decals

Vinyl mural decals or if you like wall vinyls, are self adhesive vinyl stickers that are affixed to a wall or other smooth surfaces for the purposes of decoration and informational purposes.  Decals range from simple small wall borders and cut outs to more complex murals that cover entire walls. They might feature designs, pictures or words.

Murals can transform a bear wall into a livened up wall that will transform your home or office. Floral decals for instance can be a very good option to liven up your walls and rooms in general.

img_20161014_112956     img_20161014_112737

img_20161014_112711         img_20161014_112809

img_20161014_112827          img_20161014_112909

These pieces are simple DIY’s decor option. The good thing with these wall decals is that they can particularly be used by people in rental properties as they allow personal creativity in your home decoration without any damage to the walls. Even better, the wall decorations can be put back onto their backing sheets and reused in another house after shifting . These decals can also be used on windows for branding purposes.

With only 3 Dollars, you can get these amazing pieces.

For delivery call or Sms 0735731679.

Wall Clocks

Everyone seems to have forgotten about these small devices hanged on walls for the purposes of showing us time. Wall clocks do not only show us time, but also are a part of house decor. Wall clocks can be used to fill an empty wall to match with the decor of your house. Clocks might sound boring as a decorative piece but there are a lot of fancy clock designs out there, which if chosen with consideration will add more character and meaning to your house decor. Wall clocks will make your wall have a totally different look and definitely make your house have that classy look. Decorative wall clocks come in a number of varieties that are easily available. some are made of wood, others metal, handcrafted, plastic and acrylic.
The most imperative thing to consider when decorating with wall clocks is to select something that you feel symbolizes you and in some manner improves the decor of your room. For instance if you are someone who likes fancy things, you can go for this beautiful butterfly DIY  clock.


Butterfly DIY  Clock @ $12

If you are the kind that loves executive looks, you can go with this simple Romans DIY clock.


Romans DIY clock @ $15

If you have never had one of these in your house, you should get one and spice up your house  with it. I guarantee you a totally different look on your wall and an attractive touch that will definitely make your house look classy. You can actually  give this feel to every room in your house.

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