Curtains are the first thing that is noticeable after entering a room. Curtains are a multi functional item found in homes as they can be used for many purposes both decorative and practical. Gone were the days when these decor items only served as window dressings, for privacy purposes and for controlling glare and light only. No matter what kind of finishing touches you give your room, the decor can never be complete without curtains. Lack of curtains in your room makes it fell empty and lack harmony.

Curtains have different purposes depending on what you want them to do for you as well as the room you are hanging them in. These purposes can range from decorative, privacy, temperature control, light control to sound proofing. Another thing about curtains is that they are a very quick, simple and relatively cheap option for you to change  the look of your room from time to time. Curtains come in different types, with different fixings and different fabrics.

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains give a light finishing touch to your room. Sheer curtains brings out the best finishing touch while used in different colors.

img_20161024_1738081        img_20161024_1736131

img_20161025_0042221         img_20161025_0043311

sheer-3          sheer-4


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