5D and 6D Wall Stickers

Walls, walls, walls…Am not done with your walls yet. Wall stickers are a very cool, fast, easy and most affordable way to change a boring painted wall in minutes. Its a matter of just peeling and sticking. These stickers do not pull off your paint and can be re-positioned when needed without leaving any mark on the wall. These stickers can be used in any room you may need to change be it your living room or your kid’s bedroom. Wall stickers come in different themes that will fit your style, mood and budget and different characters that your kids fancy like spider man.

5D wall decals

img_20161014_093926                     img_20161014_093956

Wall stickers are very pocket friendly allowing you to change your decor as frequent as you would like. Whether your aim is to bring life to your living room, fill your kid’s room with  popular characters that they fancy like Sofia the first, spider man and others or create a valiant new look in your living room, you can get wall decals that will suit every season,style, space and budget. You can even use these wall decals for party decorations like birthday parties. after the party, the stickers can be re peeled and used on your kid’s rooms. For more wall stickers decorating ideas on these decals, hang around!

6D wall stickers

img_20161012_172240                      img_20161013_120654

img_20161024_222641         img_20161014_093805

img_20161014_093750         img_20161014_093728

img_20161014_093901         img_20161014_093825


The special popular character stickers include:

img_20161014_111139         img_20161014_111114

img_20161014_110956        img_20161014_111050




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