Vinyl Mural Decals

Vinyl mural decals or if you like wall vinyls, are self adhesive vinyl stickers that are affixed to a wall or other smooth surfaces for the purposes of decoration and informational purposes.  Decals range from simple small wall borders and cut outs to more complex murals that cover entire walls. They might feature designs, pictures or words.

Murals can transform a bear wall into a livened up wall that will transform your home or office. Floral decals for instance can be a very good option to liven up your walls and rooms in general.

img_20161014_112956     img_20161014_112737

img_20161014_112711         img_20161014_112809

img_20161014_112827          img_20161014_112909

These pieces are simple DIY’s decor option. The good thing with these wall decals is that they can particularly be used by people in rental properties as they allow personal creativity in your home decoration without any damage to the walls. Even better, the wall decorations can be put back onto their backing sheets and reused in another house after shifting . These decals can also be used on windows for branding purposes.

With only 3 Dollars, you can get these amazing pieces.

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